Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Death Valley Ride 2014...

The Death Valley Ride is a little deal loosely organized by our pal, Troy.  It's really nothing more than a bunch of friends putting down 666 miles through Southern California's/Nevadas beautiful desert.  No flyers, no sponsors, no bad attitudes... I think some people may have gotten the wrong idea and assumed the DVR is sort of an "elitist" thing because there is no formal Instagram mass-invite but the truth to the matter is if you know, you'll know....if you wanna know, just ask.  I think this method works best to weed out the bullshitters and people that probably don't belong here anyways.

I blew it the first year, then got a metal sliver in my eye the day before last year so i made sure to play it safe the couple weeks leading up to the ride. Luke, Chase and myself rode up to Adam and Tony's the night before for a little chopper slumber party and to cut a majority of that horrible downtown LA traffic in half.  The next morning when we pulled up to the meeting spot, I knew right away this was going to be an awesome weekend. Nothing but familiar faces, choppers and most of all, smiles. 

There's a reason people come to California, and it's to experience how awesome and diverse the landscape is. Some of the best riding can be done right here, and my first visit to Death Valley was no exception and besides a few hiccups (Nicks, Eddies and my bike calling it quits) everybody made it pretty much unscathed to Las Vegas. Some dudes went hard, some didn't but the one thing we all did was have fun...together.

I know I've had some rough times as of late and for the first time in my life, I'm trying to set my sights on and enjoy the good shit going on around me rather than focus on the bad shit and let it eat me alive.  This weekend was a great reminder of how rad things can be when people step up and watch out for one another rather than themselves.

My phone was dead the whole time but fortunately for you, Ben had his camera and caught some rad photos.
Check out more of his stuff at...

Lukes Pan looked rad rolling down the road.
the Knuckle was running so good until it suddenly wasn't.
Raddy and Ryan, just a couple of baawwwssess
Eddie flew out and Uncle Troy let him ride his Pan for the weekend
Chase's Sportster is as cool as it gets
I wasn't surprised when Mumma ran outta gas.
The Busby brothers from Salinas. Good dudes right here.
Thanks for hanging with me when my bike took a shit shawn.
How rad is this picture by the way.
i just think Derrick is cool.
early bird gets the perm

breakfast across the street from the campsite.
Once I realized my Knuckle was done, I started donating parts of it left and right.
This is where I put my distributor on Ryans Pan.
solid crew going on here.
Sherm lookin good.
"you sheared the clutch basket off of the mainshaft?..I didn't know you could do that?"
Ohbrono, minutes before all the liquids in his bike came pouring out.
"thats my new thing, crackin fools necks" Doug had everybody in tears
laughting the entire weekend
another one
these dudes
the real-est boss on the trip, Chatty made sure everybody was taken care. Thanks
again for the help man.
This dude sucked. Apparantly we got randomly selected to each pay $10 to ride the
road through the state park while all the "normal" people were waved on through.

Ben piloting his spaceship to another planet.

God i hate Vegas, but it's always a sight when you see those lights on the horizon.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Music For Monday - Sons Of The Pioneers

Been in a funk lately and I am pretty stubborn guy but it's hard to stay bummed listening to Sons Of The Pioneers...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Tire Swing

Sweden has so many NOS Avon 2.75  tires they just turn them into chew toys for dogs.  Linkert here goes through a couple a week. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014


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Trip Out on Andy's Panhead

Met Andy at Chopper Bash and the dude is amped on life, super funny and just a great dude. If my memory serves me correctly he told  this bike was built back in the day and had been sitting for awhile. He picked it up and with some elbow grease he got it back on the road and couldn't be prouder of it. Andy and his wife Anna throw The Trip Out chopper show in the UK every year. I am hoping we can make it out there some day. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Just a couple of Jokers.

Two Swedish Jokers with their Shovelheads at the Flanders Chopper Bash this past summer in the Netherlands.

 Rickard AKA Thor. This bike is so simple and perfect! One of my favorites.

Gus and his mean golden stoker. Tough as nails

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nothin ain't worth nothin, but it's free

A few photos from the recent past


Michael Pringle, Martin, Mark, Bob, Chase

Nikki and Jillian

Thanks Mark for lettin' me ride your pan.

Stupid tony

Adam and tony

Jeremiahs knuckle pre shipment to somewhere I can't remember.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ivan The Bavarian

I met Ivan at the Chopper Bash in the Netherlands this past summer. To the best of my knowledge he inherited his love for bikes from his dad who had built several bikes back in the day. He built this panhead with some help from dudes like Mattias from LeBeef and Brandon a Mullin's Chain Drive. He almost had a perfect panhead until he put a set of our Andy Pegs on there. He ended up winning Best In Show that weekend. Cool bike from a even cooler dude. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Cool clear water

Had a great time riding around the hills of central California this weekend. When I talk to people about vacations they go on, there full of activities. They never stop moving, and I wonder how they cram so much stuff Into one day. Sure that can be fun and all but when I think of a vacation I think of actual relaxation. The absence of everything and a whole lot of doing nothing. For my girlfriends birthday we had a little post b day vacation and we camped out by a lake and did a whole lot of nothing and we loved every minute of it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

speaking of skateboarding.....

I, like most, have always been entertained and hyped on the big time "banger" skate parts but it's a world i can't even fathom. I've always connected a little closer to the odd and interesting skate parts, mostly because they look fun and even though just as difficult sometimes, seem somewhat approachable. I never had a deep bag of tricks skating, just tried to focus on the few tricks I had and make them feel and look as cool as I could. I think thats why I like skating weird and different stuff because theres no meter or unit of measurement as to how good you are or aren' stairs to count, length of ledge to measure or amount of board rotations to get lost in.

 The same can be said for choppers. I've built or just done the hard stuff on maybe 20+ bikes and it's become pretty apparent to me what my "few tricks" are. Now I could always try and force it by "taking it to the next level" but talent and desire to are a couple reasons why I haven't buy mostly, I've just never been a next level person. Actually, I've been the same, mundane person for the better part of my life...not sure if thats a good or bad thing.... I'd be lying if I was to say I wasn't trying to impress anybody but whether it's skating or bikes, I think the organic or natural approach always wins and I don't mean trophies but more like the essence of what all this was meant to be in the first place. eyes are starting to cross and I'm beginning to ramble, just watch the video and be stoked

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Worship The Devil • The Devil's Toy 1966

The youth of the world is on the move, and their aim is to take over!

Friday, July 25, 2014

a little flashback..

the old set up.  .Eddie testing the water or air or...
Michael Schmidt photo.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Night Moves...

This weekend Adam, Turkey and myself rode down south and met up with Mark Choiniere and Blake Sabbath and did some riding and camping around Julian, CA.  No real plan, just cruising through some of Southern California's most beautiful scenery. I didn't really take any pictures but thats usually a sign that I'm having fun enjoying life.