Friday, August 6, 2010

yes sir

Turkey gave me this tank a while ago for some axles and stuff I made for him. It hangs on the wall of the garage alongside some of the other treasures i've crossed paths with over the years.

The panel work and striping on the sides on its own is pretty rad, simple but effective. And then you get to the top. Unicorn/lion/wizard/shaman/space oddity thing is so nuts. Tanks like this have always boggled me, i mean i know what they were "on" but what were they thinking really........?


  1. Ohh, please, please, please! let me know if you ever decide to sell it!

  2. man, i've been dreaming of a paint job so close to this, it's scary. maybe I saw it as a kid and it's been lurking in my subliminal vortex.

  3. i know, it's kinda hypnotizing. every time i walk by it i think i can hear it whispering to me but i just can't quite make it out.