Saturday, March 26, 2011


I just turned 31 last month and have been skating for almost 2/3 of that time. About 11 years ago I dusted my knee pretty bad frontside flipping some stairs, banana splits - my leg went one way and the rest of me went the other... Most of my friends rode bmx so I decided to build a bike to cruise around on with them and to help work on my knee. After a while the casual pedaling turned into something more and once I felt comfortable and started skating again I realized I couldn't shake the bike thing. It actually made skating more fun because I started looking at things a little differently than I had been before.

Now, the only problem with bmx is that when you fall hard. When you bail on a skate you can usually kick or throw your board away from you, not the case with bmx. You either get tangled up in it or if you throw it away it will usually bounce right back at your face. Some of the worst slams I've ever taken have been on a bike which eventually led me to slow down because it was affecting my ability to skate as much as I wanted to.

Although skateboarding was and still is number one, bmx will always hold a close guys are gnarly.


  1. Fuck yeah dude bmx is gnarly! The last time I rode the dirt jumps by my house (about 6 years ago) I bailed and landed on a boulder. I got ass raped by a rock and now I only roll fixed gear and wear purple. This video made my sphincter tighten up.

  2. That slam section was gnarlier than the one in welcome to hell.

  3. Yeah I forgot to add that for sure Welcome to Hell has held the slam section title until now.

  4. that was fucking hard to watch.