Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tonite in Oakland!


  1. i will probably
    never take off my
    hologram laminate
    backstage pass from
    this show.

  2. Man you guys are in for a treat, and by treat I mean you're gonna be really bummed.

  3. Good stuff last night Nick ,u guys dun good..made it back to salinas at 3 am and now just got to work...totally worth it...yawwnn

  4. Fuck man! You are a secret ninja! I didn't realize you were you til you shook my hand and bailed. Those other bands were fucking awful sorry you had to sit through that. You are Jason's doppelganger! Thanks for making the trek!

  5. had a great time.
    your lyrics are top notch
    and really moved me. it was a real
    hoot. i burned so many calories.
    it's kind of rude you sit down in the
    back for your whole show.

  6. Yah sorry Max i have some social issues..and definetly didnt wanna cock block and dance with u man..it woulda been two mysterious overgrown knomes out there..lol..my badd..

  7. Nobody cock blocks Max, that hairball has moves that can't be rivaled.

  8. Good show guys. That uzirash guys voice just cant be imitated and shouldnt be. Next time you guys play I'm heckeling you for sure. Here's some I thought of on the way home.

    "The Chucky Cheese Pizza band called and they want there costumes back"

    " Halloween was a few months ago"