Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mikey is the ripping'est...

Donated some pullback Z's to Mikeys buddy build he's helping his pal Glen with down in San Diego. If you have never met Mikey I feel bad for you, he's one of those guys who's just rad to hang out with. Always positive, always stoked....definately something the chopper world is missing these days.If you're ever down SD, check out his little shop.
PACK RATT records & junk


  1. wait wait, positive, helping a dude out? next thing you are gonna tell me is he wont be an ass to me for wearing the wrong helmet or rip me off on some parts. what a strange concept.

    1. Yeah he's cut from a different cloth....and yes, it took a lot of cloth.

  2. Glen is the best. If I can help in any way please ask. Thanks for helping with his build Mikey. WSVT. Ride to Grass Valley and skate.