Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cannonball Chun...

Our friend Sean Duggan runs what you might call a chopper orphanage, in that I mean he's kind of taken a bunch of LA chopper kids under his wing and gives them a place, tools and knowledge to work on their bikes. He's handsome, into cool shit and knows like 11 package. 

Well Sean and his friend Bill have been busy the last few months getting both of their 1928 Harley JD's in order to do the cross country Cannonball Run that starts friday in New York and ends a couple weeks later in San Francisco. Pretty stoked for him, sounds like its going to be a be an awesome time.

 Good luck dudes.


  1. Sounds like good people having a great time, hope they get through it all.

  2. fuckin rad. he is pretty cool. met him at jeremiah`s shindig.......