Thursday, November 1, 2012

Brazilian adventures in no particular order...

yes, thats an electric fence on top of Aras garage. Even when you think you're safe you're not.

LARP table had so many chopper goodies.

challenge Max to a dance off, I dare you..
coolest tips i've ever seen
I think I was subconciously stalking these two because I ran into them making out all weekend.
I was digging where this was going

no caption needed

these things are horrible but that didn't stop any of us from trying it on
I actually thought this was hilarious but I couldn't show any weakness....we're supposed to be badass American bikers right?

Ara rolls like James Bond, his office is incredible.

Aras Jaguar....its casual.

Tears of a Clown and a Knucklehead
Michael, Paulo and Ara narrowly avoiding death

This is a Panhead.

lane splitter

dream machine

I don't even know what this is but it was awesome

4Q waterslide reconditioning

Max's bare ass was in this same hole minutes before I rubbed my face all over it.

A boooowwwsse doesn't show his teeth...

thats more like it.

kept thinking of a whale shark sitting in this tunnel.

goodnight sweet prince
this Pan was my pick for the show
I don't like Mustangs but this one kind of sold me..
these dudes were casting cases, barrels and heads...desperate times call for desperate measures.
Jet skis and motorcycles.....blurring colors lines.
Michael Schmidt. so deep.

Brazil was once again a blast. The Two Wheels show has expanded to a 2 day event making it a solid weekend of that motorcycle madness we all crave. Although the first day rained it didn't slow anybody down. Did some riding through downtown and as it turns out, all of my assumptions came true...nobody gives a shit about you if you're on a bike down there. All of us had plenty of close calls in the time we were riding, I was kind of relieved when Ara's shovelhead that I was riding decicded to crap out its coil leading me to plug into the back of Daniels triumph for some South American nutts to butts adventures. Pillow talk with Max and life lessons with Michael are always fun....Alot of things happen in such a short time while down there that it all becomes a thing I do remember is just how cool Paulo, Ara, Edu, Daniel and Chrys are everytime I see them either down there or up here. Humble dudes.

Thanks to Paulo for pulling strings and smuggling me into you're beautiful world


  1. Travelling tales of a handsome man, cool.

  2. that panhead used to be Daniel's! He built it with Chrys...had a different paintjob and no front looks the same

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