Friday, January 4, 2013

picture me rollin....

I met Daniel a couple years ago when I went down to Brazil the first time. He's in town so we went to get ice cream and do some heavy garage chatting. He kept looking at the Knuckle so I told him to ride it around to see how overrated they are. Its kind of a trip watching somebody else ride your bike because there is so much involved in a motorcycle..the sounds, smells and that sense of "one-ness" that happens when everything clicks while you're riding a bike. But when you watch from the sidelines as somebody else experiences what you thought you knew so well but is now completely alien to you....sounds and smells, it becomes a completely different beast from the outside.

Daniel, thanks for the hangout sesh and a different perspective.


  1. Neat twist, feels like an outer body experience.

  2. Youve always been a "chopper buddha" in my eyes..

  3. It's very hard to put into words what you've just described. Makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing that thought.

  4. Jason...Im missing Disney already!!!
    Thanks for the ride!!!
    The Knuckle is dreamy!!!