Saturday, May 18, 2013

blogger talkers..

 Mike Tubbs started this podcast series called Chopper Prophets which he created earlier this month and it's starting to pick up speed. He's already got a few interviews up with dudes like Larry Pierce and Caleb Owens. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive when he told me the name of it simply because to me the word "prophet" implies someones better or above everyone else (when the truth is we're all just insecure nerds trying to convince ourselves we're not), but once I talked to Mike he made it clear its the farthest thing from that...basically he's really interested in what happens outside of the garage and how we even got there in the first place. My little interview went up last night and it's full of me saying "like" while trying to be interesting.

Check out my trainwreck and all the other podcasts Mikes done at -

Chopper Prophets


  1. Chopper Profits? Aren't all you guys super rich?

  2. it was pretty good. pretty open and honest stuff. and funny.

    1. Thanks. I must be the only one not "profiting" from choppers then. T shirt sales just pay for more T shirts, peg money puts gas in my work van. Some dudes are killing it right now, if you are willing to sell your kids for the right money than anyone can be there.

    2. Keep following your heart not someones else's money, the interview was cool, the King of Self Deprecation.