Monday, November 4, 2013

Hell On Wheels Hill Climb

Last month Meatball over at hell on wheels threw a hill climb event that was a hell of a good time. The course was a bitchin short track to a 1000 foot hill climb ending. Some made it and some went down in flames but everyone had a smile on their face and a good laugh. 

Turk had a wild ride but was a champ by the end of the day.

Aussie Chris was a blast to watch ride. He really knows his way around a track and has style for miles.

Mikey Ratt made it first try on his triumph.  Unfortunately I showed up too late to see this badass machine beat the challenge.

Chris Huber on Mike Davis's 1959  Panhead hill climber was definitely the highlight of the day. The bike had a small mechanical problem and didn't make it the first time, but after a quick fix it was good to go. Chris maneuvered this beast all the way round the short track like a breeze and then showed what this bike was built to do up the elevation. It was a sight to see.
Thanks for the good times everyone.