Saturday, December 7, 2013


Carey Brobeck of Wrench Magazine hosted an art show last month that consisted of old Easyriders
Magazine art. Pretty wild seeing the original submissions to the mag with little notes written on them
by David Mann on how it should be laid out or cropped.  One note I remember in particular, a Hal
Robinson doodle, where he wrote on the border of the drawing "sorry, been in a slump...this is all i
got" kind of reminded you of how "normal" these guys really were.  I'm not saying I think these men
were mythical or anything, but when you spend so many years reading and admiring these images in
those old magazines, you kind of forget that these dudes were just like us....stoked on choppers and
sharing their experiences with them.


  1. Always an alternative insight here, thanks man.

  2. yea, well put. even our heros had bad days.
    constipation, herpes break out, step in dog shit, hole in linkert float,
    and probably really slow wifi and starbucks, ..... wait.