Sunday, July 11, 2010


Davey and Yoshi

The terms "ruler" and "stand-up guy" get tossed around loosely these days. Both are phrases I rarely use because they really only apply to a small handful of people I know. I think Davey falls into that catergory. Humble and reserved he's just doing his thing. A regular guy supporting his family, and trying to be apart of this chomper epidemic when time and money permit.
We cruised up to his house in Fontana to pick up a radiator for the Econoline and started talking about his family and looking through some of the countless photos from the late 50's through the 60's. Infamous photos you've seen on all the blogs of his grandma and grandpa, pops and uncles bikes. I was shaking holding those photos in my hands just knowing that right here in my hands is where it all began. Some of the pioneers of a lifestyle most of us strive to emulate (but never will) doing things for the first time just to see where they could take it. Some take all this too seriously, some take it for granted and some for the wrong reasons entirely but moments like this remind me of why I do it. I love the past, and love learning, not knowing. Once you know everything or have everything, then what? The future will come and when it does I probably won't be ready, but thats okay because i like surprises.

Davey, if there was a team, you'd be on it. Thanks for sharing the photos with me and I cant wait to meet your Grandma.



...and her panhead!

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