Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Electricians do it till it hertz...

So heres a small sample of this project we've been doing at work for the past year. The guy we're working for grew up in Long Beach and basically wanted to recreate the Pike boardwalk funzone he grew up playing at as a kid, just scaled down to fit in his warehouse.

Fully functional mini-diner named after his wife.

faux roller coaster with realistic sounds on loop through hidden speakers, actually almost feels like the ground is shaking.

oh yeah, forgot to mention the main reason for all of this is his HUGE collection of over 300 vintage pinball and arcade games ranging from the 1940's to the 90's.

this place is pretty nuts considering its a totally private gig, as in no parties, not for rent, no public, nothing....just him kinda flipping the rest of us off. This guys no joke, he's got a real T-Rex skull and a meteor that fell in China 400 years ago in his living room.


  1. Wish I worked in bitchin' places like that, I've been in a factory in Fontana wiring up a tank that will eventually make glue for floor tiles. Not so cool!!

  2. It looks like a Michael Jackson situation to me, be careful