Friday, September 10, 2010


Maggie 2 days old...

...and 2 years old

A couple weeks ago our friend Jessica found out her 3 year old daughter Samantha had a tumor in her brain. Two days later she went in to surgery to remove it and biopsy it. Well a couple days ago the results came back and turns out its cancer and theres a bunch of little ones all over her brain.....fuck....they're saying its a 30% chance of survival. She starts chemo next week.....she's 3 years old man.

This whole ordeal has really been taking a toll on me. Events like this really put things into perspective. Just thinking about my little girl Maggie, how much she means to me and how little everything else matters. Working out in the garage while shes banging on everything with a wrench.... at the time seems like nothing, but it means everything. All this chopper and hot rod shit is cool but fails in comparison to the experience of having a kid.

I guess my point to all this is hold your kids close and cherish every minute with them and please send some prayers and positive thoughts to our friends Jessica and Samantha. thanks


  1. Really sad to hear things like that, I wish them the best and I really dig what you had to say about life...we do get caught up in all the "cool" shit way to often and the "real" things in life just pass us buy.

  2. I have to agree with you 100%. I have a little girl that's about to turn 3 and she is my world, the real one. I can't even imagine what your friends are going through. Shits just not right for a 3yr old to have to go through chemo, that's horrible. Hurts me to even think about it.
    Very sorry to hear this news but thank you for sharing. I wish them all the best.

  3. Damn Bro ,
    Same to me , I`ve got a 5 and a 7 Y old ,
    Just when You think You`ve got some cool`
    projects up and running, reality takes over.
    I` guess story`s like this , keep`s ya with your two feet on the ground.
    First thing I did after reading this sad story,
    was chasing after pics of my youngsters.
    The "so called" cool projects seems to fade a way at that point.
    Lots of love and respect goes out to those true heroes like jessica and samantha.
    Just keep the faith , keep fighting , never give up.

    Cheers Guzzmen(brussels,belgium)

  4. thanks guys for the support, its much appreciated.

  5. Sorry to hear that dude. I will definitely say a prayer. Hope all turns out well.

  6. Seems so wrong for a tyke to have to go through something like that. I have a 4 and a 2-love it when they hang in the garage or on the pad with me. Too many times I look at them and say "stay away from that," or "don't touch that tool." No more-play away, as long as the big stuff doesn't fall on you! Prayers for them, and thoughts for you as you offer support on the daily.