Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a love story...

My dad and his best friend at the time took a bus from Minnesota to California when they were 19, sometime in the summer of 1976. They hitch-hiked up and down the coast the rest of that year before finally settling in Anaheim.

One of the first vehicles my dad ever owned once he was here was a beat up old Honda CB 750, kind of a pile but it got him around town just fine. Around that time my parents started hanging out.

On their first date my dad rode the Honda to my moms place cause he wanted to show her how badass he was. Later on in the day when he was leaving he got on the Honda and started it up, all the while looking back at my mom on her porch.

don't blow it..

He tried to take off from the side of the street but he was so sidetracked by trying to look cool that he forgot to unlock the steering lock, making him frontflip into the middle of the street while his bike slammed to the ground right next to him.

Should have been a dealbreaker but my mom thought otherwise and has stuck by his clumsy side ever since.

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