Sunday, October 17, 2010

van creeps show

Chase, Scotty, Turkey and Troys van club......nice.

maiden voyage for the Panny Hamster. Lets see how long it takes before it blows up.

these guys killed it. Real OGs. My buddy GangGreen in the middle gave me some cool ideas for my econoline. They all should have got a trophy for taking home the most trophy's.

this chevy was so on point, everything was perfect.

don't think i've seen an early this straight.

The show was a blast, Chase and everyone involved did a great job. A perfect mix of old school vanners/lifers and new school kids. Looking forward to the next van-in.


  1. Jason, I wanna talk to you about featuring the Panny Hamster in Godspeed. Hit me up at -Cicero

  2. Jason, where did you get that beautiful seat?

    I'd like one too!


    1. I made it. It's not the most comfy but it looks cool and that's all that matters I think