Sunday, January 9, 2011

BF3 bound...

Mike and Grant over at Born Free headquarters have graciously allowed me to play with the big boys and participate in the guest builders area of BF3. Kind of a big deal to me because (1) I'm nobody (2) I think this show is without a doubt the best and biggest thing going on in America as far as the vintage chopper thing is concerned...see what i mean, big deal. And if you've been to the first two shows, you'd know how humbling it is.

So i've been fortunate enough to rustle up some knucklehead parts and have started doing the mock-up game playing with ideas - stance, wheels, short, long, high, low...all that. Pretty sure the end result will look nothing like the picture. The only thing i will guarantee is that there will be no airplanes glued to an aircraft carrier shaped gas tank.

well, maybe..


  1. you`re crazy.....gotta check out your world. i`m waiting to be formally introduced.

  2. how 'bout a lobster themed bike?
    just sayin'...

  3. Nash - thats gonna be difficult since i live on a remote and deserted island named Buena Park. Its similar to Lost, you can't get to it, and you can't leave it.

    Micheal - you can't give top secret information like that i have to kill you.

    Johnny Utah - Hell Maybe...thanks

  4. Cool.. Will it have an eagle tearing something apart on it???

  5. i kinda like the aircraft carrier idea...lookin sharp! i was in buena park last night eating at Joe's Sushi...yummy

  6. Eagles are tight. Go with that idea.