Saturday, January 29, 2011


Today while getting ready to go to work I hear some commotion out side of my house and take a look only to find there's an Escalade hearse parked in my driveway.

There's about 20 people standing around and pulling flowers out of it....weird, but not too weird because I'm assuming they just got back from a funeral.

So I'm pacing aroung because I got to go to work and don't want to interrupt whatever is going down so i wait a minute, take another look, and now their pulling out a coffin and walking it to the backyard!!!

Are you kidding?......

By now, everyones in the backyard I'm thinking I can squeeze out without bothering their gig. The driver of the hearse comes out and offers to move his car, i tell him he can pull right back in if he needs to after i leave and he says "Nah, its okay. I'm just dropping off, I'll be back tomorrow"......really?

Now I've got a dead guy sitting in my neighbors backyard on top of their BBQ table.

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