Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lazy Flank.....

sounds weird but this doesn't bug me as much as it used to.

no CNC laser cutters here, just flammable flannels.

I cut up a Van Gogh for the template.

113.7 inches of 3/8 bar. 36 cans of Coke.

I was planning on taking a break from consuming myself with garage antics after the last Born Free show. All I wanted to do was log some summertime miles with my pals.

Enter Nick's shovelhead...

We were all stoked on the pickup truck qualities of it - tools, extra gas, superior 2 up capabilities...but we all knew the day would come where it fell victim to the chopping block. Loose plans were made and decided Crazy Franks are cool but cost about half of what Nick paid for the bike. I thought "3 sides with a little kick in the back with a built in taillight , shouldn't be too crazy right?"...errr...wrong, Frank was nuts. I don't know how the pros make it look so easy. After that the biggest thing was relocate the upper shock mount to make the early swingarm sit parallel with the bottom of the frame (mega ground clearance). Everything else was the standard stuff, made some bars, mid pegs, headlight blah blah...Just gotta get some over tubes and the seat covered. Now i just gotta figure out how to get one for myself.


  1. so its gone from too fat to go fast to now just way too fat for any bike? haha looks good dudee

  2. killer job jay it came out killer

  3.`re pretty rad. diggin it. nick is stoked....see you guys soon.

  4. Nash, I don't know how obvious it is but your bike was a pretty big influence in this thing.

  5. Nicks got the beard. Now he's got the bike.

  6. Took me 2 months to catch this... I'm in a hole up in the PNW.

    So Rad!!