Thursday, August 11, 2011


I really have no idea how my name got put into the hat, but it looks like I'm going to Brazil in October.

Besides a little internet chit-chat, I had not met Paulo or Eddie until Born Free 3. Super friendly dudes who share the same disease we all suffer I've always liked what they got going on and for some reason they like what we got going on. These guys are really going to great lengths to put Brazil on the chopper map and I feel pretty honored to be a part of the bike show they're putting on.

Thanks again..

Two Wheels Brazil

Joe King Speedshop


  1. That's awesome dude. I would love to go to some motorcycle shit out of the country. I may just ride. It's not too far.

  2. Don't forget to pack your speedos...
    ...but totally awesome that you're going!