Monday, November 21, 2011

wine 'em, dine 'em, 69 'em...

living quarters


Brandon was buzzing around on this killer survivor digger

too legit

Michaels shovel looking all proper like

Nick and Jason getting real cozy

In The Wind is probably the best ever

the Porta Costa Polar Bear was a little intimidating

my bike not barking on command

clean as a whistle

we all know why Nicks smiling

chasing rain and a double rainbow on the ride home

Rad weekend. Slept on Max's floor, woke up to hot cocoa and took a ride through the hills of east bay. I almost was "the guy who crashed this year" coming in hot on a muddy corner, somehow managed to Steve Mcqueen out of if it looking like a pro...speaking of Steve Mcqueen, Nick had a blast too. The chicks up there ride hard, if not harder than some of the guys. Jason Mcafee is a rad dude, Toby and Sara always pleasant, Brandon is charming, and Max is always cool and a gracious host. Thanks again for having us guys.


  1. Wish that ride was happening this weekend... Can't get enough of that tank wall.
    Looked like a blast.

  2. glad you didn't have your self a "get off" but a close call is always a fun shot of adrenaline.
    i got my self a full dose this weekend too. i
    hopped the long bike and headed for the switch backs.

  3. In The Wind is definitely the best.