Monday, May 7, 2012

Swap Find - The Devil's Angels

Swaps for me have been a bit a bust for me lately. I am usually broke, can't find anything I need, or just too dumb to know a good deal when it's slapping me in the face. I am a pretty big movie buff especially biker flicks so when I came across this yesterday I was blown away. It pretty much encompasses most of my interests, bikes, poster, music, and movies. My band Thee Cormans is based around Roger Corman biker and monster movies. So finding this 6 and half foot tall poster stoked me out! If you have never seen this movie its on Netflix. Most of the bikes in it are pretty bitchin, good music, babes, and violence!


  1. I used to love reading Jo Bob Briggs' reviews of Corman stuff but an ex girlfriend gave my copy to her new dude, then he split [ it's karma honey, ha ha ha] . . . good score man and Thee Cormans rock, post some of your stuff !!