Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why can't you see the big picture.

I used to go to punk shows by myself a lot. I met a bunch of kids that lived in South Central LA and we became good pals. They hipped me to a lot of neat music. We would go to sketchy warehouse shows, skate in abandoned lots, eat thai food at three in the morning. One night my pal gave me a tape that said Big Boys - Fat Elvis on it. I put it in the cassette deck for the late ride home that night and I was hooked. That tape was on constant rotation for years. I found that tape in a drawer today.
This band always cheers me up when I am in a shitty mood. If you have never heard them they are sort of all over the place but for some odd reason it's cohesive. They have songs that are just silly, totally negative, and completely realistic. Songs for all occassions. This song pretty much sums up how a felt today. START YOUR OWN BAND BLOG

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