Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Skateboarding has always been about fun for me. If you know anything about skating then you know who Daewon is and how fun he makes skating look. One of the best on a board and most humble off of one. I just watched his part in the new Almost video and once again, was blown away. I've always been a skate nerd and it's no secret that I can get pretty emotional about stuff...watching this was no different, just so stoked I almost wanted to cry (kind of like half way through Guy Mariano's part in Fully Flared) 

What he brings to skateboarding is so rad. Go get the video 5-Incher.


  1. Mr Webber, I don't know you from Adam, but man, puttin yourself out there like that is also, like the subject of your post, so fucking cool. From one emotional bloke to another, respect. And yeah, he shreds.

  2. I always thought I was a lone skate nerd until a day at Chap you got pretty deep into the Jamie Thomas pro models on Emerica, and the SLB 23s (that strip of rubber!) Daewon's no doubt amazing though! I'm about to get the lastest vid right now!

  3. Damn, It's going to take me all day to digest some of that video??
    We used to ride the private World Ind. warehouse/Big Brother HQ, Daewon & Chico Brenes were always cool guys.

  4. His parts always make me smile and realize how much i suck...i loved his part in love child to DVS skate more..