Tuesday, June 19, 2012


My knuckle is the first thing I have ever felt compelled to have painted and I couldn't have been more stoked when Max offered to help me out in that department. Not only is he my pal but I really dig his style, you always know when its a Max job. When I gave him the tins all I asked for was "black with just a little bit of something, nothing crazy".  I like wild, over-the-top paint jobs but for my bike, I just wanted it to be mellow.  Even though I did a ton of little tricks and treats to the bike I still think it looks pretty simple from far until you get closer and its obvious Max understood what it was I was trying to achieve and nailed it. Now every time I open my garage door my eyes go straight to that paint, its weird having something so nice for once. My only problem with the paint is that its impossible to take a picture of without getting all kinds of glare or reflections but that could just be because I don't know how to take a picture.

Once again, thanks dude for taking care of me and making me look cooler than I am.


  1. sick paintjob indeed!
    just for the notice, I shot that portrait of him last year. don't mind you using it, no worries. Glad you like it.
    keep up the good work!

    1. Sorry man, I just thought it was the cutest picture of him I could find. Thanks

    2. hey no prob. The mickey mouse sweater... so good.

  2. cutest.... thanks handsome.
    hey man...or guess i have to "hey bud" now.... you're
    a friend, and the feeling of respect always feels so mutual between us... you are who you are, and i love that about you.
    (chubby,hungry,tranny lover,pessimist, and plain old gay)
    i could have called you and said this but... i need that hallmark gig. xox max

  3. I may know someone that will take a picture of it...just sayn'

  4. I hope your bringing it to born free this year man I'd love to see it again all buttoned up.

  5. Paints almost as pretty as the guy who I see in the reflection.

  6. Sweet! That is one rad paint...for a bike that I really love! Happy for ya!