Monday, July 2, 2012


This years Born Free show was gnarly. The place nearly filled up by 11am with some of the coolest bikes in the country. The invited builder bikes were on a whole other level...Max's bike turned out so good, he received my personal award for best chainguard. The fab work and finishes on Brandons shovelhead was something to behold, one of the best. The Wretched Hive's Jeff Leighton and Dave Polgreen both brought bitchin rigs. Matt Olsen's Knuckle got him a free trip to Japan and what a Knuckle it is. Basically everybody killed it on such a high level it was just too hard to take it all in and I tried to, trust me. Oh yeah, I got best Knucklehead for my 47 which I still don't understand but awkwardly accept haha. It was rad talking to outta town friends and new friends, still one of the best things about these bikes is the people behind them.

Mike and Grant really put alot of time and effort into this event and it shows, thanks guys.

This super rare Petruzzi watercooled Knucklehead had the raddest cooling set-up. Fan blades attached to the spokes cooled the wound copper pipe...unreal.

Jamal switched teams

This seamingly homeless lady with a fake leg was doing some funky booty dance for the old mexican dude pumping gas in exchange for money which he would not give her.

My phone won't cooperate with me so these 3 photos are the only thing I have to show for my day at Born Free, enjoy.

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