Friday, July 13, 2012

get pegged...

I casted a few of these a while ago just for fun and a few people have hit me up since then so I decided to make a bit more this go around. They're about 1-1/8" shorter than Andersons and available in either polished or tumbled. We also decided to make a box for no other reason than to give you something cool for your shelf to put drugs, rubbers or change in.

Only making a limited number, should be up in the store tomorrow.

$80 + shipping
ATR store


  1. brilliant! it`s about fucking time........

  2. pegboy was a position in the Greek and later the British Navy: He was the boy available for the after-hours pleasure of the sailors on those long nights at sea. To keep loose for his hard nights' work, he would sit on a peg during the day.

  3. Nick, those boxes really church up those pegs!

  4. very cool.... love the ones
    on my shovel. rad packaging. andy=you so clever

    1. My all-time favorite was the packaging for your shoes..that old harley stuff was killer.