Sunday, December 9, 2012

David Mann Chopperfest 2012

fitting for an AM/PM bathroom

this Ford was my favorite thing at the show

tyler brought his awesome triumph 500 down from Canada....I love this bike.

Knuckleheads are everywhere these days.

Dalton Walker builds some killer stuff.
....this 500 he did is so rad, I had to come back to it a dozen times.
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I think T'Bone won all the tropheys

Good ride up with all the guys and such a high level of chopper bad-assery at the show equals a good time. I could have taken a ton more photos with my phone but was too busy really appreciating these bikes, I'm already waiting for next year.

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  1. Man, that 500 is ridiculously skinny, arse backwards head is a stone cold killer, thanks for the windows, awesome.