Thursday, December 13, 2012

R.I.P. Erick Borboa...

Sharp dresser, party animal and all around nice guy...Borboa, you'll be missed by many.


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  2. On Adam aka Manboywolf's birthday this year, we road motorcycles to Malibu state park to go swimming in a watering hole. When all of us bitched about the $10 parking to get in Borboa whipped out his wallet and paid for everyone.

    Getting to the spot was something of a trek but Erick had been there before and so we all kind of just followed him around. At one point we realized we were going very much the wrong way. Coming to what seemed to be a cliff of sorts Erick yelled for everyone to go down.. I think Eddie went first sliding on his ass and of course almost eating shit. It was fucking sketchy!

    After that we found our way to the swimming hole. Lot's of people, but whatever it was dope. Before we find our spots to chill, Borboa is half naked tearing the rest of his clothes off climbing up the sketchy ass rocks. Laughing and pointing from us and total strangers as he scales up boulders to an overhang about 40 feet up.

    Back flip first go into the water. Swimming to the edge and high fiving people on his way back up Rick was able to get a video of him doing it again. Tony Bang jumped off and ended up dislocating his bad shoulder out of socket. We got that in place and start the trek back to the parking lot.

    Again the whole time following Borboa as he tripped out on spiders and spoke Spanish in a crazier than normal accent. Someone starts saying he's "the most interesting man in the world"...

    The pictures from that day cemented that true life phrase for an amazing person and an amazing life he lead. Erick "my bothhhhaa" Borboa may you get your perfect Harley and ride the endless back roads forever.