Sunday, June 23, 2013

fork cute...

I've really been digging Max's Born Free video.  The apocalyptical look of him riding around the Bay is some of the best riding footage I think I've ever seen and his words brief, yet effective.  From the first time we met I've always thought of him as a very articulate person, everything he say's seems to just plain make sense. Topics like skateboarding or choppers, both yield a feeling difficult to describe because you have to actually "live it" in order to truly know what makes them special but he somehow always seems to have a way of putting it into words so relatable that you can do nothing but sit back and think "whoa...nailed it on the head."

You know those old guys you meet on the street or in a dark corner of a bar that just look and sound like they've done it all and seen it all, and after talking to, you walk away feeling a little more enlightened and even more convinced that you will never be as cool as them? Well, Max.....I think you're well on your way to becoming that cool.


  1. Well written man, I thought the 'store' scene was a nice tip of the hat to the classic shot of the hugely influential HA shovel chop in front of a similar place from the seventies.

  2. It s funny I was telling my buddy yesterday the exact same thing. The feeling of having someone in front of you, and knowing that you will never be as cool as that person.
    The inspiration I get just from watching the video is already enough, and these words just seel the deal.

    Thank you both

  3. Totally agree, Jason. I commented on this exact video on another blog it's posted on (which I rarely do) due to how much it impacted me when I first saw it. A very simple video but it says and makes you "feel" a lot...whether it be about the lifestyle, the overall aesthetics or Max himself. I wish more videos were made like this. Snippets of the lifestyle that pack a wallop on a subconscious level. Cool stuff.

  4. man, just saw this.
    now that bf is over and my life get's a second to coast,
    i found myself here....... flattered, and honored. thanks man.
    my real friends seem to be few and further away these days,
    thanks for being one.

  5. This is awesome. Great write and both of you are good people.