Saturday, October 1, 2011


This is my buddy big John Sirmon, one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.
A few days ago he went to the hospital because of some stomach pains that
had been bugging him. Unfortunatly the doctors came back saying they believe its stage 4 colon cancer...unreal. Nobody deserves this but John is definitely one of those guys that have you holding your head wondering "...of all the people, why him?"

I hate bringing this kind of stuff up but I truely believe that when the odds are
against you, the only thing you can do is stay positive and know that your
friends and family will be there by your side to see you through even the
toughest situations.

Stay strong big John, KNOW we got your back.


  1. Damn sorry to hear about that. Goodluck and I hope he gets well.

  2. same exact story of how my dad found out he had stage 4 colon cancer. after 6 months of chemo, we can officially call him a cancer survivor. STAY POSITIVE!! got good thoughts for your friend.

  3. Sorry to hear man...we will pray for him over here...

  4. positive thoughts coming from here