Sunday, October 30, 2011

morning cruise

Grants bike works and it looks good....what a concept.

Mike was motor-boating the new Glide.

Serious knick-knackery..

Met up with Mike, Grant and Ryan at the Cycle Lodge before a little buzz through the canyons. Breakfast burritos at Cooks, curves under tree cover, high speeds on the toll roads and Grant helping me figure out a proper jetting combo for my bike(thanks buddy)....all before noon.
Now I got the rest of the day to do macho stuff like carving pumpkins and decorating cookies.


  1. I think I just broke a nail...3 pumpkins down 2 to go!!

  2. Grant's bike doesn't only work and look good, it's louder than a motherf*cker too!

    Good seeing you guys the other day.
    Jason, hope you had a good one in Brasil.
    Grant & Mike, thanks for the goodies and the Mexi lunch. It rocked.


  3. Jason, you are a true gentleman with permanently dirty hands!

    Dutchman! Good times indeed! Pancho's is the best.