Sunday, December 11, 2011

show and shine...

this thing had alot of killer little details. really neat bike for sure.

Ryan is an animal. He made the trek down from the mountain for the show.

Robert is truly a badass. Dude puts real miles on his bike. I straddled this beast and instantly fell in love, way more comfortable than my couch.

I'm not gonna be the guy that slams this bike because I can appreciate anything handmade but I will say this, it had a 30" wheel and an Ipad for a headlight...

this dragger was wild.

Killer bikes again at David Mann this year, no camera and phone died so I kinda blew it on proper documentation. We rode up the night before and froze our asses off sleeping in the parking lot. Michael Schmidts shovel had a successful maiden voyage. Dave Polgreen knows Dave Chapelle. J is a true gentleman. Turk and Chase braved the cold. Mikey Ratt is the best dude ever, he's on the team. All in all, lots of fun thanks for everyone who stopped by and said hi or just wanted to hang and see some fat dudes brow beat the hell out of each other.

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