Monday, December 12, 2011

Wild Weekend-Wild Weekday

After a wild weekend with us maniacs Mikey Ratt decided it would be a great idea to stay the night on the floor of my cold ass shop and ride his slug of Triumph home the following afternoon. I woke up to his chainsaw-esque snoring and realized that it was pooring rain. I thought to myself "This ball of ginger better not expect me to give him and his moped a ride home to San Diego." He wakes up and is like "shit it's raining, that sucks, let's go eat!" I took him to the local bakery to get a swazi pastry but they were all out. So he opted for 2 ham and cheese croissants and 40 donut holes instead at the local donut shop. He gets a call from his amazingly awesome and responsible daughter saying it's too dangerous to ride home in the rain on his turd of a bike. It broke my heart. Both my cars are in rough shape and are not worthy of the trek. I call my homie Mikey D and ask if he would be down to haul his pink ass home. All I can say is the Mikey D is aces. He said he had to shuttle a few other chopper gods around but would be there in a few hours. Stoked! We loaded up the Mikey Ratt's sewing machine and stuffed him in the back seat. Mikey D drives fast! We were in San Diego in no time and eating some delicious mexican food at Pokez. After grub we got to the Ratt's nest, unloaded the "bobber," bullshitted and traded some spit. Mikey D treated me to another white knuckle ride back to the OC and went home to pinch a loaf. Friends of friends helping friends. I snapped a quick picture of these gnar-dogs! Good weekend with good pals.