Thursday, February 16, 2012

chopper teammates...

Fit - A Day with Eddie Cleveland from FITBIKECO. on Vimeo.

When he's not kicking my bike for me or winning trophys on Simons ironhead, he's known to shred the bmx every once in a while....if you didn't know, Eddies a BOSS.


  1. he seemed pretty cool but he was so fucked up at love cycles, i couldn`t understand where he was coming from...or maybe it was me.

  2. Nash...we were all on shrooms, where were you?

    1. Funny as shit guys . . . 'shrooms are always gonna make communication a touch difficult . . . great doudle act, I'd pay top coin to check it out live !!

  3. those shrooms....or at least the ones here can kill you dead more shrooms for me.....bad bad shrooms. bad shrooms. bad shrooms. bad shrooms. bad shrooms. bad shrooms. bad shrooms.

  4. great little vid though.....i never got past that cunt nicking my chrome mongoose...thats my bmx start and finish...

  5. That was a lot tamer than I thought it would be. Figured there would be more booze and drugs and less BMX.