Saturday, February 11, 2012


Just spent the last couple days out in Johnson Valley again for the King Of The Hammers 2012 race. 4x4's turned into old cars and old cars turned into choppers but the one thing I've always regretted was selling my old Bronco so many years ago. Motorcycles are rad when you're by yourself or with a couple friends but now that I've got a family I've been really looking into building something we can all have fun in together. Just got to make sure that whatever I build has headphones because one thing is for sure, the worst music blasts out of peoples camps out in the desert.


  1. yeah, thats a rush to crawl a rig like that.
    give me your email address and ill send you a couple pic's of my family rig.

  2. Love the Scout, always wanted one.

  3. Robert, I heard from Ryan after we had already got home that you had something otherwise I would have been rappin your ear off about it all weekend. Let me get some pics attherisers@gmail.

    Kim you got good taste my man, I had a 72 shortbed and my buddy had a 74 Scout II.