Sunday, February 5, 2012

raising arizona...

Jamal and I swapping Pans
Me + Buzzard Justin = twins
like a candle in the wind
Ryan's chopper wedding was so awesome. Best dude ever..
Jeremiah, Jamal, Tom Fugle...trifecta of cool.
Eddie got Best Sportster. Thanks for the jail pocket and being my leg all weekend.
T-Bones Shovel has a ton of neat tricks.
Cute girls or Instagram? hmmm....
My boy Jerry reppin the best spot in town...I'll be back there someday.
Roth body
Davey got "honorary triumph" from the Haifley Bros. (Daddy)Dugan got Best Knucklehead
The Rabbithole...Robert and Jay, thanks for letting us take up residence. You guys were way too hospitable.
Pull-start Indian
Jeremiahs international Knuckle build
Nick and Jamal, you guys killed it.
Max was doing some research and development on our latest coozies, still got some bugs to work out.
my next project??
The Jokers from Sweden gave it to me and I couldn't have been more stoked.
Nick, Jamal and I headed out to Phoenix for one hell of a weekend.  Did alot of riding and hanging out with old and new friends. Just want to say thanks again to Robert and Ryan for putting on one of the best weddings ever, putting up with all of us shitbags for the past few days and for helping me with my bike after it kicked my ass. Jeremiah and the whole Love family, congratulations on the last 3 years and thanks for letting us be a part of it all.


  1. nice post j. and best pan too boot.
    too good

  2. Brian, I think you'll be stoked on the Dana 44 axle swap I'm gonna do to the front of my little Econoline

  3. Pass the jankum over here, I needs to hit that.. so much fun but I can't describe it better than your post. Thanks Jason. Syked that you, Nick, and Jay came out. Congrats on your panhead trophy mang!

  4. Hey my handsome bro!! We got home at 1:00 am rode all the way strait from az...left az at 10am...great hangin with u and nick !! Hope u guys cruise down soon...

  5. That was so much fun. What a weekend!

  6. Robert i know we all really appreciate the hospitality all of you guys at the Rabbithole showed us. It was a blast!

  7. invitation to fingerfuck my box anytime. Thanks again bud.

  8. Thanks for everything Robert. You, Jay, Nick, and Vinny were the best hosts anyone could ask for. Big thanks to Knucklehead for letting us crash in his trailer too! Come to LA anytime.