Sunday, March 13, 2011

almost made it....

Rode up to the Born Free party at Garage Company yesterday. If you've never been there, don't go...Yoshi's collection is a mind blower and will most likely make you want to kill yourself. Cool people, cool bikes and free food; what more could you ask for.

and now the good stuff...

The ride up was a breeze, the freeway was flowing and only one person tried to run me over. The ride home on the other hand, a little different story. The bike started making a slight knocking sound a few miles from home and I could feel air puffing on the side of my left leg...stoked. I was too close to give up so I just muscled it home but the knocking and tinking got a little gnar so I ended up shutting down and walking it the last block.

The verdict -
broken motor mount
blown head gasket
stripped head bolt


  1. Damn bro...glad u made it home in one piece..better than the hiway tho..

  2. Auch that sucks... at least you still have all the parts. Have a good-welding week :")