Tuesday, July 24, 2012

sticky pages....

Show Class Über Alles from Show Class Magazine on Vimeo.

This little chopper world we all live in is really just that....small.  I think it's rad that there is so many people out there with something to offer.  Whether its products, shirts, knowledge or just good vibes, we're all pretty lucky to have as much access to it as we do.

Tim and Clarke are part of a small number of humans trying to capture all of this for the rest of us to enjoy. This video isn't just a good sample of Born Free through their eyes but also a little insight into what keeps them doing what they do.

We're all "little guys" so support those who support you...
Show Class


  1. Fuck yeah, great blurb, double true that.

  2. Thanks for the support!

    Now, if I can just come up with something to top the "ATR Let it Ride" video.... I've got plans.... can't let them all out now but let's just say it's gonna be like Crush Groove on choppers.....