Friday, January 25, 2013

total commitment...

One of the bummers about hardtailing a shovelhead for the do-it-yourselfer is that nobody makes a decent looking conversion kit and most people don't have a frame jig and/or most of the other fancy tools needed to make one from scratch. So when Craig finally decided to hack his bike up I thought I'd get ahold of my friends Doug and Kelly over at Haifley Bros. in Phoenix AZ who recently started offering the nicest kit on the market, hands down. It costs a little more than the crap you see on Ebay but the end result is worth every penny.

Jeff Holt from Street Chopper also stopped by to take some pictures of the process for a tech article in the next issue so be sure to check that out and see how even a retard like me can do this.

If you give a damn about quality and how your bike looks, go support good dudes doing good stuff.


  1. great job dood, can't wait to see leland tame this new beast.

  2. I just bought one of those. So excited to get it welded on

  3. looks fucking rad, I met those haifley fellas while living in PHX. good dudes all around and killer fabricators. Nice Job!